Drained Pool losing plaster

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Drained Pool losing plaster

Postby SouthTexas Pool Owner » Fri 29 Sep, 2006 08:11

I have an approximate 20,000 gallon pool built in the late 80's. The pool was in near perfect condition with no cracks, no plaster defects except in very limited areas where I could see the concrete base. The plaster was also quite rough on the feet. I decided to replaster the pool. I had a problem with my dog which had been defecating on a deck above the pool, so I decided to empty the pool since I did not want to swim in it having seen the dog feces dropping into it (even though the water looked fine and clear).

Since emptying the pool, a contractor has been working on rebuilding the deck next to the pool, and so the pool has been empty for a couple of months, and I anticipate it will be at least another month before the pool contractor begins work. It has rained multiple times, and water has settled in the deep end, and now it is like a swamp on the deep end (black and very dirty) and I have noticed that there are now multiple areas where the plaster is bubbling off the concrete, or where it is missing plaster where it has bubbled off. Is this a problem when the pool is eventually replastered. Should I consider refilling the pool until work can begin on it? I would add that there still are no cracks in the pool, and I do not think there is any problem with hydrostatic pressure on the pool shell since one side of the pool has a steep downward slope allowing any water around the pool shell to drain.

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Postby geeman » Wed 18 Oct, 2006 14:22

plaster tends to shrink when dry which can cause bonding problems. before you replaster, any and all loose plaster must be removed using a hammer or water blasting.

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