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pebble tech

Postby dano65 » Mon 16 Oct, 2006 14:45

I have had 2 pools using pebble tech finish, on my fist pool i had for 10 years with no problems but this new pool for some reason when you rub on the finish it dust off leaving what appears to be the sand and pebbles from the finish. I have read a lot about scaling and what they say is that scale is on the surface of the finish and does not rub down to the sand and pebbles. Can anyone help on this issue?? the pool is less than 2 years old


Postby Guest » Mon 16 Oct, 2006 21:23

Dan - Good luck getting your question answered. I would gladly provide you an answer if I had any knowledge to give you an honest opinion. If you review prior posts, you will see that the experts that should be manning this forum are non-existent.

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