Fibre-Tech v/s Diamond Brite v/s ArmorGuard

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Fibre-Tech v/s Diamond Brite v/s ArmorGuard

Postby EileenHill » Sun 25 Feb, 2007 15:00

We have a pool that is about 20 years old and has always had a marcite finish. It is a rectangular 30' by 15' pool. We have gotten quotes from 3 different people and 3 different finishes. Not considering the cost differences, does anyone have any experience with all three and might be able to tell me which would be the best finish to go with? The finishes are Fibre-Tech, Diamond Brite and ArmorGuard. We live in the Bahamas so the pool will be used pretty much year round. We also don't have to take into consideration the effects of cold weather.

We would like to choose the one that will not need to be redone for quite some time as this is not a fun process! So if spending more money now will reduce the headache over time then that would be preferred. I appreciate any information you can give me!

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