redo with plaster or fiberglass

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resurfaing confused

redo with plaster or fiberglass

Postby resurfaing confused » Sun 04 Mar, 2007 18:02

I have a gunite pool in the home I just bought and it needs resurfacing. I've read the pros and cons on this forum. Since I don't have a new pool I wonder whether the sames advantages and disadvatges aply when your resurfacing.

At my lst home I had the pool resurfaced and after 3-4 years I was disapointed and could tell that it wasn't going to last anywhere near the 25 years I got with the original plaster.

Your comments and opinions will be appreciated.

Diamond brite

Diamond brite (727) 858-8708 Florida pools remodel Pasco Fl.

Postby Diamond brite » Tue 06 Mar, 2007 09:57

I use Diamond brite on my jobs and I find it to be the best..

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