Is Pebble tech a good surface?

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Re: Is Pebble tech a good surface?

Postby dee » Fri 27 Oct, 2017 19:49

I have a plaster pool, built in 2000 so 17 years old, I purchased the home in 2007 that's 11 yrs ago. I'm not sure but it may have been replastered or it was acid washed not sure by previous owners. I have not had any problems with my plaster looks great. I recently had my water "cleaned" which is using an RO pool filtration co. That's when I really began to understand the chemical side of pool maintenance. I would not own the expensive SWG especially in AZ where cells burn up pretty quickly and expensive to replace. I understand they are marketed as a maintenance free or low maintenance so less attention is paid to the chemicals especially PH rises. My neighbor resurfaced his pool with pebble tec when I move in 2007; I just looked the fence the other day to see this really nicely designed pool and spa that must have cost quite a bit in the first place sitting empty, tile falling off the sides, pebble tec broke off of the was a horror story....they also put in a salt water generator with the pebble tec. I can't imagine how much money they spent and now to sell the home they're going to have to take a loss compared to the value with a beautiful pool. SAD.....

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Re: Is Pebble tech a good surface?

Postby Teapot » Sat 28 Oct, 2017 12:22

I just remembered why I love liners

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