chips in new Quartz Scape finish

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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chips in new Quartz Scape finish

Postby Yuma » Sat 04 Oct, 2008 23:12

I just had my pool finished and after 1 week of it being filled with water I see chips in the floor of the pool. It looks like someone hit it with a sharp object.

The pool was acid bathed for about a week and cloudy. Just recently, the last few days, we have been able to see the bottom. I didn't notice this before, I honestly don't think it was there.

The only activitiy on the surface has been nylon brushing from the pool company.

Last Friday they filled it, Saturday added acid. This Friday they threw Soda Ash in it and started the pumps for the first time.

Now we can see the bottom and now these chips on the floor by the light fixture.

Any ideas ? Will this be something easy to fix and fix so it matches and doesn't look like a "repair job"

Looking forward to hearing from someone.


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