can you resurface a pool that is covered in pebble tech

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can you resurface a pool that is covered in pebble tech

Postby ilvclyns » Tue 30 Dec, 2008 00:42

The pools are covered in pebble tech and is 10+ years old and some of it has lossened and fallen off and the cement is showing. I was told that you could resurface it with a smooth surface right over the pebbletech.
Is this true? Where would I find information on how to do this?

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Postby lonestar » Thu 29 Jan, 2009 11:33

I believe it would be best to remove all the peppletech first. Supposedly companies arent doing as good a job at removing the plaster before replastering anymore, which may have led to your problem and may lead to future problems. My guess is that if you dont remove the remaining pebble tech it will likely be less stable than the gunite beneath it and cause pitting in your plaster.

Not certain. Just an educated guess. I have never plastered a pool so take that into account.

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