Can you create a pool paint using a coating?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can you create a pool paint using a coating?

Postby poolinbarbados » Thu 09 Apr, 2009 08:18

Hi, we are just finishing up construction of a large pool and have 4 columns rising out of the pool from the step area. We are finishing the pool with tile at the water line and diamondbriting the rest. About 3 feet of the columns will be submerged in the pool and we don't want to tile or diamond brite the columns but want to paint them the same color as the house. Is there such a thing as a coating we can apply over regular paint to create an effective seal or are we stuck with either tile or diamondbrite? Can pool paint be customised to match a custom colour? We are in Barbados so don't have access to much of a range of products here, but could ship it in if it exists.

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