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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Second pump

Postby mike232fd » Thu 08 Aug, 2019 13:31

we've come to the conclusion that my current filter setup simply does not flow enough water for the 18,000 gallon pool, plus spa, plus tanning ledge. I have a 2 HP pump and Hayward says adding .5 HP really won't help much. The plan is to use the return from the drain at the bottom of the pool, directly to a new pump, with no filter, and into the tanning ledge that has two spillovers. the pump will be approx. 30 feet away from the drain and the tanning ledge. The question is, what size pump?

Thanks in advance!

Pool Industry Leader
Pool Industry Leader
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Re: Second pump

Postby Teapot » Fri 09 Aug, 2019 11:22

Before coming to any conclusions, can we find out the size of the plumbing, length of plumbing from pool to plant, size of the filter? Pumps work on an inverse square law, doubling the pump doesn't give you double the flow.
What is the obsession with flow anyway. I flow my pool for 4 turnovers in 24 hours meaning 98% of the water gets filtered at a flow rate of 7m3 per hour. That gives better filtration than trying to push the water and dirt through the filter and back into the pool. I do that on 0.09hp!

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