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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool plumbing

Postby Ti3155 » Mon 22 Feb, 2021 02:34

Check it out , MY PB did this lol , what to do. I know in fact its up to 4 foot from the extention point so I need to know if I need to cut the deck and find the point of extention and replace it with WHITE PVC pipe or leave it ?
He uses conduit pipe to extend the water like I belive between 4 and 5 feet for each line , main drain, 2 skimmers and one jet line (another return) i know its a joke but I wonder if this can cause any problems in the future?.

He said everyone does it haha. Yea right

On the 1st picture you can see the white 1 5" pipes running and stopped about 4ft from the place I took the picture, this means the connection is 4ft or under so im not sure what to do now , cut the concrete or not before it'll be too late this is the right time to do it because the pool is not finished yet , what you think ?
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