Please Help: Explain Pool Valves

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Please Help: Explain Pool Valves

Postby justinbourb » Sun 12 Sep, 2021 09:06

Hello Friends,

The pool guy who installed our pool pump and heater quit without explaining how to work the valves. Can anyone help explain the purpose and usage of each valve? I am new to owning a pool and don't know how to adjust them and don't want to do any damage. Also the pressure of our filter is going up and I think I need to clean it or backwash it? I'm not sure how this works and am looking to learn more.

Our pool is inground and has two sections, a "big" pool and a small attached hot tub. The big pool has two large intakes on the bottom of the pool which I believe are turned to a low level of suction. Primary suction seems to be from the cleaning robot hose.

Our Setup:

Album of all images:

Thank you for your time,


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Re: Please Help: Explain Pool Valves

Postby RonPace » Sat 18 Sep, 2021 07:59

How can someone install a pool and leave without at least marking the pipe functions? Surely you must have a drawing showing the layout, no?

My humble opinion, but I think you need to find the function of each of those pipes that go into the ground before anyone can advise. At least they are grouped so that you can segregate suction from pressure!

How about removing each actuator and using a small pressure washer? Put the pressure nozzle into each pipe with a bung of some sort, and note where the water is forced out at the other end. Once each pipe is marked, then it should be logical thereafter.
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Re: Please Help: Explain Pool Valves

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 19 Sep, 2021 08:57

All the pipes connected to the pump inlet are from the pool (could be vacuum, main drain and skimmer). All the pipes from the heater will be returns and the valves are used to balance them
Before playing with them take a photo so you can reset them to the origonal settings

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