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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Which pump

Postby Petermet » Wed 13 Oct, 2021 06:54

I am building a pool as part of a new house in Bali.

Pool equipment is quite limited here. Voltage is 220-230v

My pool equipment will be about 70cm (28 inches) below the top of the pool.

The pool is 30,000 litres (30M3 or 8000 US gallons).

What size pump should I look at?
I think the dynamic head at the pump would be less than 5 meters (16 feet). The idea of a pump sized to turn over the water twice in 8 hours is not easy as most pumps seem to do a much higher rate.

Can I use a pump that turns water over in 2 hours and run twice a day for 2 hours each?

Any advice would be really welcome :-)

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Re: Which pump

Postby Teapot1 » Wed 13 Oct, 2021 10:21

Slower filtration is better filtration and that is the real reason you run the pump at all. What size is the filter and plumbing, filters in real use only pass 50% of the water the manufacturers say they do, they all lie in an attempt to out sell one another because they are stupid.
Filtering slower will remove more from the water so each turnover is achieving higher quality water. The clearer the water the less chlorine you use. If you fit a variable speed pump you can adjust the flow and save a lot of electricity and improve the water.
You only need a powerful pump to backwash, but the plumbing restricts the backwash in many cases as its too small to allow the real flow you need but it will do.
I turn my pool over in 6 hours so I get 4 turnovers per 24 hours. That allows me to set my pump at 7000 ltrs per hour so only using 65 watts of electricity not 750w of a standard single speed pump. That is also the best flow for filtration. I would recommend you use Dryden Aqua's AFM ng filter media as its the best. I have been using the original AFM for years and will fit the new ng version for the start of next season.

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