man i hate a sand filter can someone help me out pl

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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man i hate a sand filter can someone help me out pl

Postby DDC69729146 » Mon 20 Jun, 2022 20:11

so im not sure how to insert an image so here's what I have done.

this year we decided to give our waterway clearwater fs022 sand filter some needed love.

issue #1 I have no way to id this sand filter anymore the label has long cents been removed. I'm going off of web diagram lookalikes.

we replaced all the plumbing o rings and gaskets that connect to the multiport valve,
we replace the entire top half of the multiport valve (lid diverter assembly) because the spider gasket was shot.
we replace all the sand 150lbs again that was a guess based on web searches.
we shop vac out the old sand to the top of the lateral and took every effort not to disturb the laterals.
replace the pressure gauge

question 2- once we fired it up in filter position sand blow out into the pool, but not a lot it has dusted not covered the entire pool floor. and water still comes out of the backwash port when in the filter position. why is this happing it's a brand new (lid diverter assembly)?

question 3-- we set the filter to bypass to waste in an effort to remove this heavy dusting of sand in the pool, the bypass to waste was functioning properly, but a small amount of water was also being shot into my pool as if it was filtering as well. i mean when set to back washing or bypass to waste no water should be going into the pool so why is a small low-pressure flow going into my pool? taking the sand I'm trying to get rid of right back into the pool?

Question 4- when running my pressure gauge only reads 2psi, why? if I put my hands over the return ports it will shoot up so I know the gauge is not bad.

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Re: man i hate a sand filter can someone help me out pl

Postby Teapot1 » Wed 22 Jun, 2022 01:46

I would say its multiport related although without being there its hard to say much more. The actual filter doesnt matter much its just a container with laterals in it, the working part is the multiport so open it and have a look.
Did you half fill the sand filter with water to lessen the impact of the considerable weight of the falling sand? That can break the laterals right off. Personally I hate multiports and try not to use them, I prefer slide or Jandy straight through backwash valves. Better flow, better backwash, less powerful pump saving lots of electricity.
I may not give you the answer you want to hear, but I will give an honest opinion of your situation as you decribe it.
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Re: man i hate a sand filter can someone help me out pl

Postby Denniswiseman » Wed 22 Jun, 2022 07:53

I agree with Teapot1 that it's MPV related
A few points
Did you replace the top of the MPV correctly
The spider gasket is nothing to do with the top half and did you replace it
Don't panic about 2psi as means you have little resistance as is noticed when you block the flow off
How high was the sand in the filter as overfilling can cause problems

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