Solar plumbing

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Solar plumbing

Postby cooper24 » Fri 07 Jan, 2011 01:31

Hi everyone i am new to pools and my question is i have a soloar heating running accross my roof of the house and the original pump i had found it hard to pump it up there wasnt enough pressure so the inlets were not sucking enough that pump was about 1hp i bought a 2hp pump and it still doesnt have enough flow the pvc pipe that goes to the roof is about half the size of the pump pvc pipe is 25mm and the pump is 40mm would this be the problem i thought the 2hp pump would overcome this. any help would be great.

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Solar plumbing

Postby mas985 » Fri 07 Jan, 2011 11:13

The problem is likely the plumbing size. 25 mm is way way too small and should never be used for pool plumbing. Even 40 mm is small. If you want to fix the problem, I would go with at least 50 mm pipe runs for as much of the plumbing as possible and go back to the 1 HP pump. Remember, big pipes with small pumps results in a more efficient plumbing system and if the plumbing is designed correctly, you can use a very small pump. As an example, I have a 1/2 HP pump running solar on a two story roof.
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