My pool level is 1" below the vacuum and jet openings now.

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My pool level is 1" below the vacuum and jet openings now.

Postby Edman » Fri 07 Jan, 2011 17:17

We live in Riverside, CA. Our twelve year old pool level was suddenly down 5" in a weekend before the holidays.With rains filling it back up to the top,it has leaked down to this new level after three weeks.When the pool was first seen to be leaking,I tested the jet openings and the vacuum connection. I believe there is no flow or leaks through these.The pump has been off for three weeks now.The skimmer opening is about 9" above the water line.The skimmer sump was empty, and putting the hose into it with flowing water has not filled it. The sump seems to be draining somewhere. The pool drain grate has three screws holding it on, leading me to believe there is a hydrostatic drain valve inside.Because my basket strainers last only two years before they self destruct (split and can easily break with hand force),I am thinking the hydro valve is leaking.What do you think?

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