Various pipes and their function !

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Various pipes and their function !

Postby Hassni » Sun 09 Jan, 2011 01:34

I am in the process of reviewing the piping network for a commercial pool. Please clarify / verify the following:
1. The main drain of the pool (4 inch with vortex cover) should go out into a sump pit fitted with a submersible pump. This pipe in no way should be connected with the recirculation piping of the pool but only used for draining of the pool
2. The overflow of the pool should be connected to the recirculation piping of the pool and is not taken into the sump pit and drained out.
3. The fill line of the pool (pool miser) should only be used for the filling of the pool water and has no connection with the circulation water piping of the pool.How can the water level of the pool be maintained, do we need to install a float valve kind of mechanism or !
4. Are these sand filters and circulation pumps only meant for a closed circuit circulation. Can these pumps also be used for sucing in the water from a pit that serves as a reservoir with miser and fill line fitted in the reservoir.


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