Leak with Filter (Baquapure)

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Leak with Filter (Baquapure)

Postby jmdesign404 » Mon 06 Jun, 2011 14:15

It looks like I have a small leak where the Sand Filter Body and the Multi-Port Valve meets. It appears it may only leak when the Filter is running, I do have to jiggle the handle around a little when in the Filter position to stop the water from going out of the waste value. I would like to take off the Multi-Port Valve to see if I need to replace a O-ring, washer or something, but worried that I may be getting into more than I can handle once I get it off. Is this a do-it your self job or should I call a pro. I have backwashed and rinsed a few times thinking there was a lot of pressure build up. Any advice you be appreciated.

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