Intelliflo VS or Whisperflow?

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Intelliflo VS or Whisperflow?

Postby topshelf » Sat 11 Jun, 2011 23:41

Hi there, new to the forum and to owning a pool. Just bought a house, don't know much about the existing system. Here's what I know, 17K inground pool with 2" plumbing, an auxiliary pump for the sweeper and a coil solar system on the roof. The main pump needs to be replaced. Best guess, I expect to be in the house for 5+- years.

I'm trying to decide between the new Intelliflo VS and an Intellitouch or Suntouch control system (I'm told although the Intelliflo has a built in timer because of the auxiliary pump I need the Intellitouch or Suntouch control system) Total cost not including install is about $1300

or the Whisperflow (2 speed, 1hp) with a Intermanic 3 circuit digital timer.
Total cost not including install is about $800

Which setup would you recommend. Any advise is welcome......thanks.

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