Dirt or sand goes back in pool

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Dirt or sand goes back in pool

Postby Guest » Wed 15 Jun, 2011 00:02

every time i clean my pool the dirt or sand goes back in my pool. i was told to change my sand in my tank. so i did. but i still have the same problem. can anyone help me please?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Dirt or sand goes back in pool

Postby frustratedinNC » Thu 23 Jun, 2011 07:01

I'm having the same problem, so I was told to vacuum to waste because it will bypass the filter and then whatever you are sucking up will go completely out and not back into the pool. Vacuuming to waste also means you need to having water going into the pool at the same time. (MY problem is that I have no suction when it comes to vacuuming to waste which means I must have a clogged line and I don't know how to unclog it.) Also, before you vacuum to waste, make sure you attach the hose to the skimmer with the pump on. Once you have the hose attached you turn off the pump, move the lever to "waste", then turn pump back on and start slowly vacuuming. (at least that what I've been told how to do it)

That's what I've learned. I hope it works for you! Good luck!!

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