How To Bench Test A Hayward Super Pump After I rebuild It?

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I'm new here
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How To Bench Test A Hayward Super Pump After I rebuild It?

Postby coollx » Sun 31 Jul, 2011 18:52

At the beginning of this swimming pool season I replaced my 15 year old Hayward 1 hp superpump because it wouldn't prime and create a vacuum. I replaced it with a new identical one. The original has never been touched before now so I consider myself to have gotten great service from it. We have a very short pool season and the pump has always been stored in the dry basement during the non swimming season which may account for its longevity.

Since the motor on my original pump was still very quiet, I decided I was going to try to rebuild it with a superpump rebuilding kit.

My question is how can I bench test the pump after I rebuild it to insure it works properly so I can keep it on hand as a back up pump.

I assume I'll need to use rigid pieces of plastic pipe so it doesn't collapse when the pump is turned on and operating? I don't want to disconnect the new pump that's in place and working fine. Just want to test the rebuilt one then set it up with the same fittings so it can be swapped in quickly if need be.

Has anyone done this? What technic did you use?

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