Cracked filter lid

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 25,000 gal in ground pool. 2HP pentair whisperflo pump downrated to 1HP with new impeller, SMBW2048 pentair filter.
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Cracked filter lid

Postby seminar1 » Wed 12 Oct, 2011 16:07

I have a 20,000 gal pool with a SM-SMBW2048 model pentair DE filter and 2HP whisperflo pump. This combo was installed 6 or so years ago. Unit runs at 25psi and needs DE changed at 30psi. Last year my dome cracked just above the radius to the mating flange. I bought a new one for ~$200 (wow), installed it and it cracked last month (less than a year old). I called the pentair tech and he told me my pump had too much flow, so I replaced the impeller and downrated the pump to 1HP( I believe). In the meantime, had both lids weld repaired. Unit ran fine (20 psi) until a few days ago when the lid cracked again in a new location. Sure seems like a metal fatigue issue (Chinese matl?) or the wall thickness is too thin or a combo of both. I'm fairly frustrated now. This seems like a common issue, evidenced by the domes available on e-bay! Any comments? Recourse?

Thanks in advance,



Cracked filter lid

Postby Guest » Sat 19 May, 2012 23:52

Hey Steve,

Turns out seems that we've got the same problem. Our Pentair filter for our 20,000 gal. pool started leaking badly tonight. I thought it was a loose mating flange, but after taking off the clamp, the bottom flange on the upper dome was sheared/cracked. We've had our pool for about 6 years and jironically, ust two weeks ago had to replace the pool main circ pump. Coincidence? You said you found some replacement upper domes on ebay? How/where did you check? I appreciate your advice.


Bob Weber

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