Variable Speed Pump is easy on the filter

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Variable Speed Pump is easy on the filter

Postby TSH Tech » Sun 20 Nov, 2011 00:03

I'm a technician for a pool company in California and wish to share an additional benefit of variable speed pool pumps.

Every autumn, our company cleans filters for our clients to get ready for the winter season. Pool winter season in California means, you don't drain it, it never freezes here and the pool keeps going. This filter cleaning service removes the summer dirt and soils that have built up during the swimming season. If you can imagine, I see quite a few pump and filter scenarios each year. Since the variable speeds have been increasing in the marketplace, I'm beginning to see a fascinating trend, a decrease in wear/tear on D.E. and cartridge filter media. What that means for our clients is, less out-of-pocket expense of replacing grids/cartridges while maintaining a fully functional pool filtration system.

One client of our has the complete Pentair system with remote controls. They have an Intelliflo with Pentair Clean & Clear PLus 420 filter. This filter contains 4 tall cartridges within. Typically, I've seen these filters paired up with 1 to 1.5hp pumps and by year 2, the cartridges are starting to show signs of wear and broken media support bands. By year 4 they are toast, badly worn with seals out of roundness or cracked. Those high horse power pumps just beat the life out of those cartridges. Our client with the Pentair system has been running their pool at speed #2 for filtration since it was built four years ago. The filter cartridges were taken out this month for cleaning. The cartridges are still in very good condition with the support bands still in tact. The end cap seals are still in very good condition! Other clients we service have DE filters with Hayward and Waterway vari-speed pumps are showing less abuse on the grids and filtering fabric. If you are a homeowner considering a variable speed pump, I submit to you my personal experience of another benefit of installing a variable speed pump to your pool.

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Variable Speed Pump is easy on the filter

Postby mas985 » Sun 20 Nov, 2011 12:15

That make sense and really doesn't surprise me but I would suspect that you would get the same benefit from a properly sized two speed pump as well. I think that the reason that you use to see a lot of damage to filters is that many PBs oversize the pump relative to the filter and end up exceed the filter flow rate recommendations.
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Variable Speed Pump is easy on the filter

Postby allclearpools » Mon 28 Nov, 2011 17:30

One major problem is plumbing size. Most of the pools are undersized for the new pool pumps. But I totally agree a two speed pump is a much more economical solution than a variable speed. Variable speed pumps were made to tackle pools with many different water volume demands. Most cases people are using them just for the low speed. I have one costumer that has a 40k gallon gunite pool (built by our company) that requested this pump because of the energy savings. He runs the Intelliflo non stop on Speed 1! We tried to get him to go with a two speed but that's what he wanted. lol :crazy:

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