Pentair EC90 DE filter

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Pentair EC90 DE filter

Postby dle5319 » Tue 10 Apr, 2012 04:25

I have a new pentair EC90 DE filter installed for 3 weeks now. Nothing but trouble. It keeps blowing DE back into my pool and yes its installed correctly.I can not figure out how its getting back in. Any feed back is welcome. I have tried sealing everything within the filter nothing will stop it.

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Pool Enthusiast
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Pentair EC90 DE filter

Postby BudgetPoolCare » Sat 21 Apr, 2012 06:22

i would check for cracks on the manifold ..... on the older systems if the manifold cracks, could just be a hairline crack, the DE powder will just pump back into the pool.

if all else fails call the manufacture for warranty.

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