Pentair filter major problem

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Pentair filter major problem

Postby Tahoe » Tue 10 Apr, 2012 05:58

I also need help, same problem as dle5319. It blows DE at startup. I do know how it's getting past the cartridge. It's. Still under warranty. But so far problem still there. Does anyone know of this filter as it is fairly new. It is a cartridge de filter no grids.
Model EC90. It got a good rating but so far not seeing that.
Really need help!!


Pentair filter major problem

Postby mred » Thu 19 Apr, 2012 14:35

This wouldn't be a Pentair Quad DE filter by chance? I just found out that mine was installed backwards. It should not be installed as a regular DE filter because the inlet and outlets are reversed. Mine is pushing water through the outlet up inside the filter and out so the DE is on the inside of the filter not on the outside where it should be. Just thought to pass it along in case you have the same issue as many professionals install it incorrectly.Ty.

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