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Postby jrs7 » Tue 22 May, 2012 10:38

if i plug up one of the skimmers the suction gets really strong through the open one.when both skimmers are open suction is weak through both. return jets also very weak unless i plug up a few of them.cleaned out baskets and pump,backwashed ,etc. could i need a go kit to replace gaskets? could this be just an air leak causing this?

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Postby czechmate » Tue 22 May, 2012 21:23

It is supply and demand.
Too many returns will lower the pressure at each outlet. Same way 2 open skimmers plus main drain will lower the suction at skimmers, causing the top debris float by the skimmer.
Close the skimmer that is less favorable to the prevailing wind. Yo may also direct the inlet upstream of the working skimer to slow down the debris coming around the perimeter adjacent to the skimmer to alow it to suck the debris over the flap.
(Of course the whole function is also dependent on the horsepower of the pump).
The return volume should be always adequate, but 3 returns should suffice.

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