Adding a filter

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Adding a filter

Postby ntrsandman » Thu 07 Jun, 2012 15:07

The water through the skimmer does not get filtered. (skimmer, pump, in-floor cleaner valve, in-floor cleaner nozzles) We do use a skimmer sock. Would it be feasible to add a filter between the pump and in-floor valve? The water is filtered from the main drain only, which has it's own pump. It has been suggested to plumb the skimmer through the existing filter using a 3way valve setup. However, That seems like a lot of work and getting a larger pump. Thanks for any input!

TSH Tech

Adding a filter

Postby TSH Tech » Fri 08 Jun, 2012 03:13

The plumbing design is not difficult, no larger pump is necessary, just add the valve close to the pump and filter area as shown in this diagram. This will allow you to switch between skimmer and floor cleaner or, turn the valve so both are input into the pump.

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