Bad motor. please help

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virginia diaz
I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: My pool is a underground pool. 16,000 gallons. I have a sand filter system. my pump is a one horsepower high.
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Bad motor. please help

Postby virginia diaz » Wed 25 Jul, 2012 19:35

Ok, my pump motor was screaming, so I know it was about to quit. Two days before my son blew off the leaves off the roof of the house, so damp leaves feel on the pump. It also rained heavily for the last week. The motor finally quit. When you try to turn it on, it just hums. The one horsepower high motor is two years old. I took the motor with the pump attached to Pinch a Penny, for them to put a new motor on. They called me today saying that something in the pump is in bad shape and within 3 months to a year, my motor will quit because of water coming into the motor. They say the part will cost 100 dollars, the motor 219, and of course the o rings. They are saying that I should not try to fix my motor, instead buy a one horsepower motor from them that is a medium and not a high. Because they feel my pool is over protected.I feel because I am a woman, I am getting the shaft. What do you think.?

TSH Tech

Bad motor. please help

Postby TSH Tech » Thu 26 Jul, 2012 01:13

Yeah, I suspect they're trying to herd you into buying a new pump by overpricing the repair job.

A pool pump that is whining/groaning and leaking water is a bearing and seal job. For that billing rate, my company charges less than "$319" for a fairly small job like that.
A pool motor pump that hums means one of two things, either the bearings have got wet and seized/locked or, the capacitor has failed. A capacitor is only a $10 part, or less!

I'd get another technician's job estimate on the pump. If it turns out it's seized bearings and bad seal, you are looking to pay much less than $319
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Bad motor. please help

Postby CGPoolman » Thu 26 Jul, 2012 08:11


I agree with TSH Tech on this one. I do a lot of motor jobs, and on average a 1HP motor will cost around 180.00. Pinch a Penny is a retail store, so their prices will always be well above average. The company I work for usually bills out a 1HP motor job at 285.00. That price includes the motor, seal kit, and the service call for someone coming out to do the work. The bad "part" in your pump could be the impeller - depending on your brand of pump that should cost approx 30-60 bucks. The impeller does not always need to be changed when the motor goes out, usually it is more of a precaution than anything else.

Another option you may want to look into is to bring your pump to an actual pump shop, and not a pool store. A pool store is only going to replace your motor. A pump shop can repair/rebuild it, most of the time for less than 100 bucks.


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