Best Pump/filter size

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Our Intex pool needs a new pump/filter system. The pool is 24x12x5. 10,000 to 11,000 gallons. 1440 cubic feet. Any suggestions?
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Best Pump/filter size

Postby Lynnsinfo » Thu 02 Aug, 2012 15:33

We have an Intex pool. It is 24x12x5. 10,772 gallons and 1440 cubic feet. The salt water filter and pump broke and looking for another type. Any advice on what will be the best for this pool? Intex or Hayward systems? Salt or sand?

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Best Pump/filter size

Postby CGPoolman » Fri 03 Aug, 2012 11:10

I install a lot of Hayward, so that's what i always suggest.

Prices are from Amazon:
1HP Hayward Max Flo II (single speed) - 260.00
C900 Cartridge Filter - 222.00

For the salt system, I use the Autopilot products. Easy to install and maintain. The Digital nano would be a good fit for your pool. Hayward has the Goldline AquaRite which is a pretty good system as well. Both will cost you around 900 bucks for a complete setup. The salt cells are pretty comparable as far as life span, but from what I see in the field the Goldline control box (circuit boards) have a higher failure rate than the Autopilot does. Me personally, I would go with Autopilot.

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Best Pump/filter size

Postby mas985 » Fri 03 Aug, 2012 17:46

Most IG pumps are going to have higher head, use more energy and cost more to run than a typical AG setup so I would stick with an AG combo units. Both Hayward and Pentair have several options but I would get one with a two speed pump so you can save more on energy costs.
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