Above Ground sand Filters

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Above Ground sand Filters

Postby Dong » Wed 22 Aug, 2012 14:31

Investing in an Above ground swimming pool sand filter which is reliable and durable would be the best if you are planning to construct an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool on your place.

It is highly essential to have a stable swimming pool sand filter system that filters sand properly in order to keep your swimming pool free from harmful particulars matter and bacteria.

As you may know already bacteria tend to thrive in stagnant water and hence it is important for proper recycling of pool water to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria. Otherwise, it increases risk of ending up with nasty skin infection after bathing. It is an essential to filter the pool water so that ensure everyone can enjoy swimming safely in clean water.

Above ground sand filters are a logical choice for many pool owners because they are durable, easy to install, simple to operate and most of all, affordable.

While there are more expensive high-end above ground sand filters on the market, it is not necessary to buy a costly one, especially if your pool is relatively small.

Above ground sand filters contain fine sand which is usually measuring size not more than 55 millimeters that has been refined in such a way that the sand easily captures and retains any impurities within swimming pool water.
The big advantage of using an above ground swimming pool sand filter is that, its efficiency actually increases overtime. The sand filter would eventually wear out due to the constant water pressure entering it whenever the pool is cleaned.

Due to the increase in impurities retained in the sand from prior cleanings, a sand filter actually traps even more dirt and bacteria after frequent use. This is not only an effective cleaning method, but cost-efficient as well.

Above ground sand filters come with an easy-to-read pressure gauge. The pressure gauge is like a ‘weighing scale’ of sorts that helps you to determine the volume of impurities that has already been collected by the filter.
On reading of eight to ten means that you have to apply the backwashing feature. This process cleans the sand filter of accumulated bacteria, dust and other water impurities.

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