Rubber Stopper Sucked into Main Drain Line in Spa

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Rubber Stopper Sucked into Main Drain Line in Spa

Postby sshelko18 » Wed 03 May, 2017 11:29

I have an in-ground pool with an attached in-ground spa. There are two main drains on the floor of the spa. During winterization, both drains in the spa were plugged with rubber stoppers. While opening the pool for the first time this spring, as I was removing one of the rubber stoppers, it got sucked back into the drain pipe.

I tried using the pool vacuum to suck the rubber stopper out but no luck. I have since pumped all of the water out of the spa, and I used a tape measure to poke up into the drain line but could not feel anything.

I'm stuck now. Any ideas or recommendation on how to get that darn rubber stopper out of the main drain line in the spa?

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