Hayward pump/chlorinator?

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Hayward pump/chlorinator?

Postby Jamest83 » Sat 08 Jul, 2017 18:21

I have an above ground pool with a Hayward 1 hp pump and sand filter. I have an in line chlorinator but the o ring has been damaged so the last time I put the top back on I had to really fight with it to get it tight enough to stop leaking so I'm not wanting to take it back off without the o ring. So my question is, until I can replace that o ring, can I use the holding reservoir on the pump as a makeshift chlorinator?.... Just temporarily? In theory it seems that it does the same thing, essentially. And I can still use the water regulator valve on the chlorinator to regulate the amount that is returned to the pool... Or am I way off base?

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Re: Hayward pump/chlorinator?

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 14 Jul, 2017 03:55

By holding reservoir do you mean the pump filter basket?
And are you using Trichlor pucks, if so then don't do it as when the pump stops you will have high levels of Cyanuric acid buid up in your pump causing damage
Just get a floater and put in the pool

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