Broke a line in pool flower bed

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Broke a line in pool flower bed

Postby JWDuncan » Sat 16 Dec, 2017 13:59

Hello, all. New home owner and first time with a pool. My pool has a flower bed above it that the previous owner used. Problem is we had two oak trees within 20 feet and the oak tree roots came under the screened in pool area to get to the irrigation and pool piping. Anyway, while ripping out the stuff inside the flower bed, I had a probably 20 big roots and had a lot of problems getting out the biggest plant in the middle. Eventually I accidentally broke a line, but I can't figure out which line. When the pump is on, the large plant hole fills up with water, but I'm not seeing any dirty water enter the pool, or the pump so I can't figure out what pipe it is.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Swimming Pool Pro
Swimming Pool Pro
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Re: Broke a line in pool flower bed

Postby Teapot » Sun 17 Dec, 2017 04:41

I would suggest a dye. pour some into the skimmer(s) one at a time and see if that shows up.
What lines do you have?
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Re: Broke a line in pool flower bed

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 17 Dec, 2017 14:36

Does it really matter what line it is, just repair the broken line

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