Leaking/disconnected hose on pump setup

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Leaking/disconnected hose on pump setup

Postby jbadjones » Mon 18 Jun, 2018 19:56

So, I've had an in-ground pool for about 2 years and the entire ordeal has been a nightmare. Pool is about 10 years old and I will get it cleaned up for the season and then it seems like we always have some big issue. First year it was the salt cell went out, and then last year towards the end of the season I had a hose disconnect from the pump that ran to a hose going into the ground (sorry, I'm not familiar with all the details). The water got sucked out of pool due to the loose hose and also apparently caused a leak in some of the piping. Got the leaky pipe repaired and came home today to notice that the hose has come loose again. I used stainless steel hose clamp which worked for a couple of weeks.

Everything I see just using a simple google search is saying the stainless steel hose clamp like I did use, but apparently that's not working. The previous clamps on both ends of the hose appear to be a plastic clamp with another red clamp at the bottom.

I'm not sure how long the pump was running without water going through it, so hopefully this situation hasn't messed up the pump or other components.

What kind of hose clamps am I needing to use to make sure this doesn't happen again? Sorry for the limited information. I'm not too pool savvy, YET. Also, sorry for the poor photography. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Leaking/disconnected hose on pump setup

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 19 Jun, 2018 02:11

That's a small hose what does it feed from? Also when you reconnected the pipe how good a fit was the hose to the spigot
How did the stainless steel clamp fail/
Maybe an overall image of your setup would help

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