Capped bottom drain - advice on what options I have

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Capped bottom drain - advice on what options I have

Postby OrangeCharger » Mon 24 Sep, 2018 11:38


I've just moved into a house with a pool. I've never owned a pool before but I am an Engineer so getting to grips with the equipment with references from this forum and the internet has been fairly easy. I discovered when using the pool system for the first time that the bottom drain was turned off in my pump house. I opened it when the pump was running and immediately the pump filled with air. I closed the bottom drain, re-primed the pump and everything was fine again with only the top suction open. I investigated the bottom drain further by getting some diving equipment - I video'd it here:

In summary, my bottom sump drain has been plugged by a previous home/pool owner - probably because the pipe to it has cracked/split/failed. I guess this is the case if when I open the bottom drain the pump fills with air.

I'd be grateful if anyone knows what options I might have for a second or replacement bottom drain/sump. I called in a pool engineer to give everything a once over and although everything is fine (apart from the bottom drain) he said - 'I must have at least 2 points of water suction, 1 at the top, 1 at the bottom'. Right now everything is working fine with only the top suction but I appreciate to get the best filtration I need suction from the bottom of the pool also.

I had heard of fitting a new pipe which goes from my pump/filter underground (just below ground level) to the pool side, then over the side and down to the bottom of the pool - to act as a replacement or makeshift bottom sump. Would this work?.....

Thanks for any advice.


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