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equipment layout

Postby prpickett » Sat 19 Aug, 2006 10:32

I have questions regarding layout of an in-line chlorinator, ozonator, booster pump for cleaner, and gas heater. Each item gives typical installation (ie after filter, before heater, etc...) but I can't find a reference for a system with all of these items. I am considering the following order: pump - filter - booster pump (with separate return line) heater - ozonator w/ check valve - chlorinator - return line. I am concerned that there may be too much bypass flow around the heater and follow-on components with this arrangement though. Any advice?

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Postby poolnerd » Thu 28 Dec, 2006 00:42

Sounds pretty good to me. A couple of things, though:
1.) make sure check valve is between heater and chlorinator/ozone generator.
2.) why both chlorinator AND ozone generator? Maybe consider plumbing them in parallel instead of in series. And bypass around them would be a good idea, too.
#.) By "booster" pump, I assume you mean for a pressure side pool cleaner like a Polaris. If so, you got it right. If you're talking booster for spa jets or solar heating (and, yes, I've seen both of those types of set-ups out in the field; that's OK, fixing stuff like that will pay for my kids' college education), run separate suction and return lines instead.
Hope this helps!

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