Pump motor and impeller right configuration

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump motor and impeller right configuration

Postby djfesta » Wed 10 Oct, 2018 16:57

Dear Pool experts,
I need help with the following:

I have a rectangular pool of 11,000 gallons and recently the motor of the pump went bad. The specifications of the motor are 1.5HP - SF: 1.1 - Total HP 1.65. Then I checked the impeller part number and I noticed it is a 0.75HP. That surprised very much and now I am confused what would be the right parts for my pool pump.
I will provide you all the parts numbers of the pool pump parts, if you can help me to determine what would be the right mix for the impeller and motor. I am looking for the more energy efficient alternative without over spending.
I was thinking that if I had an impeller of 3/4HP and a motor of 1.5HP- my logic says that switch to 1.1 total hp motor and 1hp impeller would do perfect fine and I would save money on my electric bill. I am wrong or right?

Motor Name Plate Info:

US MOTORS - CAT. NO. EUSQ1152 – MODEL C55CXKLT-5007 HP 1.5 SF 1.10 RPM 3450
Volts 230/115 HZ 60 - AMPS 8.5/17.0 - Frame 48Y

Housing Sta-Rite: Self Priming = MPRA6G-155L

Impeller C105-236P

Filter: Sta-Rite posi-flo II pool filter MODEL PTM135

thank you in advance
Diego festa

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