Pump Runs But Nothing Happening

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Pump Runs But Nothing Happening

Postby Guest » Tue 01 May, 2007 10:44

I have a 30k gal pool, the motor seems to be running as smooth as always, yet nothing is happening, no water is getting pulled through the system. Any clue what the problem is?

Thanks for any help


Postby chrisinspring » Tue 01 May, 2007 17:13

Turn the pump off and remove the pump lid, then fill the volute + suction lines. Once full, replace lid and turn on pump. If it then looses the prime again, you may have an air leak.

Postby chrisinspring » Tue 01 May, 2007 17:15

...................air leak, or a clogged impeller.

Postby Guest » Wed 02 May, 2007 08:34

Hello again,
I filled the "volute" although it stays up fine and really didn't need more water, you can even see the water line touch the lid. Nadda. I even let a water hose sit in the volute while the pump was running for 20 min or so, that didn't help either.

"Suction lines" - I held a water hose in the skimmer inlet, where the pool hose connects, and made sure that that it was tight. Lots of air was released into the spa. I did this until it stopped, then turned the pump back on. Still nothing. Any other lines that I can check? I really don't think I have a leak, but how would I trouble-shoot that anyway?

It's really awkward to take the motor off to check the impeller, how could I check it w/o doing so? Also, can just the impeller be replaced if it comes down to that being broken?

Here's an image to my pumps setup if it helps:

Thanks for the help

Postby chrisinspring » Wed 02 May, 2007 15:22

When it comes to an air leak, it really doesn't happen over night. You would notice it before hand, but I'm not ruling that out because your equip looks to be quite old.

It's better to remove the motor form the pump to check this and if it's broken (yes, you can buy a new one) you will need to remove it to fix it.

Postby Guest » Wed 02 May, 2007 15:29

Thanks Chris,
I'll remove it and have me a peek-see.


Postby nyfb2 » Thu 24 May, 2007 11:56

agree with chrisinspring. fill basket with H2O. :oops:
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I'm new here
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Postby billboard_ne » Fri 08 Jun, 2007 20:36

If basket is full of water and it is still not pumping it has to be a broken impeller. I had the same thing happen last year, parts were easy to come by. However it looks like it is going to be difficult to get you pump apart.

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