Do I have a leak or is something worng with my superpump?

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Do I have a leak or is something worng with my superpump?

Postby joecal_2007 » Tue 22 May, 2007 20:43

Opened up this week and problems abound.

Air in the pump basket (superpump). about two inches down from lid.
Pressure coming out of jets seems low.
Vacuuming the pool is a chore. sucks but not great.
very slight amount of dripping coming from somewhere under pump (maybe a cup in a few hours.)
Filter pressure gauge seems ok at 8-10 psi.
Stays the same if I SWITCH TO RECIRCULATE)

Heater kicks on for a few minutes until the clean filter mesage come on.

My pool repair guy (who replaced my filter and heater last year-- gee thanks for nothing) says he can't come until next week after the holiday. I put a call out for someone else but I want to be informed.

My pool guy seems to think I may have a leak underground. (Sure, he would poick something really expensive.)

I wonder if it could be the pump.

Help before the BBQ on Monday.


Postby Holzer » Wed 23 May, 2007 21:55

I had the same problem, I cleaned out the pump basket and the skimmer basket and then all was well.
jerzee pool master

Re: Do I have a leak or is something worng with my superpump

Postby jerzee pool master » Thu 24 May, 2007 03:38

if backwashing doesnt help, its a clogged impeller or suction leak in front of ;pump. when your vaccumming, if itsucks a lil continuously its the impeller, if pump keeps sucking air its a leak. unless its a broken line underground but that should be obvious water loss when pump off.

hope u figure it out

jerzee poolmaster

Same problem

Postby USER1 » Fri 25 May, 2007 17:22

Hi I have the problem, When I clean the filter it works great but after few minutes you can see air on my basket...what can I do?
Thank you

air leak I think

Postby wjc121 » Fri 25 May, 2007 20:38

Sorry that I don't have an answer for the last post, but my problems are very similar. I am not losing water when the pump is not running so I'm pretty sure there is no broken line. However, I am guessing there has to be an air leak. What if the air leak is underground??? Does a product like "fix-a-leak" work?

Postby joecal_2007 » Sun 27 May, 2007 23:26

Thank you all.

For the water coming out from the bottom of the pump, it urned out that I have a small gasket leak in the pump that will be fixed next week.

As for the air and loss of pressure, it was a clogged impeller.

Just turned off the power, stuck my finger in and low and behold a tree nut was stuck in there.

Works great now.

Thank you so much for your advice.

Save me a lot of money and aggravation.

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