No water flow thru skimmers

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No water flow thru skimmers

Postby Amac » Tue 22 May, 2007 21:27

I wonder if you can help me. I opened my pool and after going thru all the steps proceded to turn it on. At first it appeared that everything was in working order but a couple of hours later I noticed no water coming out of jets (?) so I checked skimmers and there was no flow. I immediatelly shut everything down and proceded to backwash filter (DE type) but had same results. At first it appears that it is working and then no flow. So I started to some test and this is what I found:
- When put in the bypass mode water flows freely to pool and skimmers and jets (?) work.
- Unhooked the filter and water is coming out of valve in the filter mode
- Filter was full of water and when unhooked water moved freely out of the filter. I proceeded to put water in filter by means of hose and it did come out.
I am at a loss. At first I thought a clog but if pool works in bypass mode it does not make sense. I appreciate all hel

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