huge problems?

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Marys Dad27

huge problems?

Postby Marys Dad27 » Sat 26 May, 2007 23:25

Okay, multiple problems here and getting more and more frustrated.

It began with a collapse of my cover into the pool releasing all the leaves/dirt/debris onto the bottom. Pool guy says to hyper chlorinate, filter 24/7, and wait for clear water before vaccuming. No problem.

5 days, 20 gals of liquid shock and 9 lbs of powder later, still no good.

This is most likely due to the fact that the pump is not functioning correctly. Tons of air in the return line causing pressure to drop to 3-5 psi. Normal is 10-12 min Backwash is a temporary help, but only for a few minutes before the air returns and pressure drops.

Pool guy too busy to stop by, will get here on the side. Meanwhile he keeps saying water level may be too low, not enough chlorine in use, skimmer/filter basket full....all simple fixes that I'm aware of and have had no effect.

Any help out there? I'm convinced there's a problem with the pump, but pool guy seems to think I'm an idiot and the solution is easy. I hope he's right, but it's not getting any better after almost a full week. The bottom is muddy, the water is cloudy, the pump isn't running as it should and I'm out of patience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like a clogging problem

Postby DanO » Wed 30 May, 2007 23:50

This may be obvious, but it sure sounds like you have a bunch of debris clogging up one or more of your vacuum lines, or the pump itself is clogged with debris.

If you've cleaned the baskets, backflushed thoroughly and you still don't get normal pressure at the filter, I'd suggest taking apart the pump to see if there are leaves jamming it up. I wouldn't even mess with any more chemicals until you get the system pumping properly once more.

If you're not up to taking apart the pump, get a different pool company out there, and explain to your ex-pool guy that evidently his business is saturated and he needs more help.

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