pump has electricity, but won't "pump"...please he

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pump has electricity, but won't "pump"...please he

Postby bfinley » Mon 28 May, 2007 16:02

Hooked everything up today and turned on the pump, but it doesn't do anything. It's getting power, because it makes noise, but it doesn't move any water. What do I need to do?


Postby bfinley » Mon 28 May, 2007 18:38

Main problem solved, the impeller shaft was stuck, got it to turn, but now the pump has a high-pitched whine to it. Is there a way to lubricate it? Can I just put a little grease on the shaft right where it goes in the housing? Thanks for any help.

The pump, or the motor?

Postby DanO » Wed 30 May, 2007 23:34

Is the whine coming from the pump or the motor? I'd be willing to bet it's coming from the motor. If so, the only thing you can do is replace it or have it rebuilt. The bearings wear out after several years. There's a good possibility that your pump impeller is worn as well, so it's worth replacing it at the same time that you replace the motor. If the impeller is out of balance, it won't pump water efficiently, and it will cause premature bearing failure in the motor, so unless you know the impeller is perfectly good, go ahead and replace it at the same time you replace the motor.

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