Broken Polaris Wall fitting, stuck in wall

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Broken Polaris Wall fitting, stuck in wall

Postby Cdex » Fri 22 Mar, 2019 20:58

I googled, watched YouTube videos, and even purchased removal tool to prevent this from happening. I put the tool on the fitting and the universal fitting crumbled.

My pool is 21 years old and I think that fitting has been in there all these years.

I’ve drained the pool down below the level of the fitting. Chipped some away but not having any luck. The fitting is slightly recessed in the wall making it more difficult.

What are my options if I cannot get the broken pieces out and save the female threads?

Any advice is welcomed, thanks

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Pool Industry Leader
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Re: Broken Polaris Wall fitting, stuck in wall

Postby Teapot » Sat 23 Mar, 2019 02:51

Permanently seal up the hole, finish with whatever your pool is finished with and use a manual cleaner, better than Polaris anyway.

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