Planting Golden Cane palm trees beside pool.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Planting Golden Cane palm trees beside pool.

Postby Stavros99 » Sun 31 May, 2020 05:16

I have planted 8 Golden Cane Palms (Areca, dypsis lutescens) around my pool.

Very conflicting info online, have read several posts on the subject and it’s about 50/50 that they are a good non invasive root system choice VS they will destroy pipes / pool walls, I guess the truth must lie somewhere in between.

I will heavily prune them and the base once they grow as they are just 25 inches from the pool wall and same from garden fence.

To my question,
Two of them were planted right above the pool pipes, 4 of them running concurrently. I dug 30 inches down to fill the hole woth a mix of manure and compost, the palms just needing 12 inches to be planted and the 4 pipes ran at the 30 inch mark.

I absolutely love trees, and am not afraid to have to mend or redo pipes in 5-10 years, but now thinking I should dig these two up and put a metal plate over the pipes so when/if the palm roots go down the pipes will be protected.

They say this palm has non invasive hair like roots in a big ball that do not go form so deep but rather push sideways as the clump grows.

Had a poon construction guy in who thought it not mich if an issue, he said he never saw a pool pipe problem from the type of palm.

Any views or experience on this will be much appreciated.

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