Duel pump or bigger pump. That is the question

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Duel pump or bigger pump. That is the question

Postby rich752710 » Tue 02 Jun, 2020 08:51

hello there, I'm wondering if anyone can help with an idea I have with my pool. Its an intex 3m x 2m with a intex filter 638r (I think it rated at 700 ish gallons an hour) I have it pumping through 2 intex solar mats on the ground which all works fine. But I want to put the solar mats on my shed roof so it will be two 8ft pipes at 32mm to feed and return water and 6ft high of the ground. The filter pump i have will only just manage to pump water if I don't run it though the mats if I turn them on the pump isn't strong enough to run, so my question is can a run 2 pumps one on ground level and then one up high (so the ground pump helps water to get up to shed high) or pay a bigger filter pump and then wich size would i need, any help would be much appreciated

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