Do I need a new pump or impeller?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Do I need a new pump or impeller?

Postby showngo » Tue 02 Jun, 2020 13:24

New member here from Cincinnati, Ohio.

I have a 30x40 in ground pool with slide that just turned 4 years old. All previous seasons when running the slide I had to shut valves off to two jets to pump enough water to wet the slide. This season I have to turn off 4 of my 5 jets to run the slide. Pump is till running the same PSI as years past on the meter which is on top of the filter. No changes have been made to the pool or anything else this year, same person opened the pool that built the pool.

I have a Hayward 2hp super pump which says "10ft lift" on it, that feeds to a Solaxx UV/Ozonator system then to the heater. The motor isn't making any noise's and seems to be running fine which is pushing me towards the impeller but we don't have many tree's so not much debri enters our pool... Thoughts on what I should look at next?

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Pool Industry Leader
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Re: Do I need a new pump or impeller?

Postby Denniswiseman » Wed 03 Jun, 2020 07:08

Take the pump apart and check the impeller
There are plenty of YouTube videos to show you how

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