Intelliflow connection to a Hayward Prologic PL Plus

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 29x18 rectangular main pool with 7.5' deep end and slow taper up to 3.5' with a 8x8 beach entry including 2 steps down into the pool. Approximate gallonage of 23,000. Quartz finish about 9 years old. Dolphin cc Plus robot. Hayward 400k BTU heater setup for pool and spa. The spa is appx 6.5' x 7' rectangular included in the 23k gallons. 2 Hayward pool pumps showing their age. Pool used to have a suction cleaner setup so the second 1.5 hp Hayward super pump II powers that but the main pump is a Hayward SP3010X15AZ with a Centurion Motor. Pro Logic pannel with 5 button selections (Pool/spa, Filter, Lights, aux1, aux2). Silencer air blower for the hot tub bubbles

Intelliflow connection to a Hayward Prologic PL Plus

Postby finnrigged » Fri 25 Dec, 2020 19:13

I am not a superfan of Hayward but maybe that is just because I am more familiar with pentair. I am wanting to swap out my single speed pool pump for a Pentair VS pump.
The pool is a basic rectangle appx 23k gallons on chlorine (not a salt system). The skimmer distance to the pump is approximately 40' for each of them and about the same for the bottom drains. There is a small 6x7 hot tub and we have a Dolphin cc plus for a robot with NO suction driven pool cleaner. With any luck this will give enough info for someone to help with this question:

I want to replace the main Hayward pump that does the daily filtration as well as running the spa (when in use) and the spa spillway when the system is in pool mode. I would like to replace it with a 3hp Intelliflow VS pump with the intention to run it 3 hrs per day at about 3000rpm, 5 hours per day at 2000 rpm and 8 hours or more per day at 1000rpm. I have to still do the math to see if this will be proper filtration for this size of pool and know of a few sites that give the math on it.

The question though is WILL this Intelliflow configure well so that we can still use the Hayward remote control to turn the spa on from the home? I assume that the new Intelliflow gets wired in hard so that the equipment will send it info and I think there is a device that I need to buy to allow that message to be translated to the pump correctly. Anyone ever done this with a Hayward system?
OR, would you guys just say stick with a Hayward VS pump and save the money on the system that it takes to make it all work?

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