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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump/ System Alternative

Postby treetops1 » Thu 31 Dec, 2020 17:37

I have been thinking about my pool system and whether there is an alternative approach. I am handy and a HOBBY mechanic/fabricator, but not a pool tech.

Background: We recently bought this home and have yet to use the pool. The pool heater has never been turned on, we have no desire to use it, and is only in place to fill a "place" on the circulation system. The pool is 18ft long, 8.5ft wide, and 3ft deep = ~460 gallons. In the photo you can see the two drains on the bottom, skimmer, and two jets. The filter is a Pentair "Clean and Clear" CC150, noted as being for 150gpm flow. The motor is a 3/4hp. The two other items on the water circuit are a "tower" fixture of unknown purpose, and a Pentair "Intellichlor" read out.

--I despise this filter setup. The filter is a pain to handle, the unit is a pain to open, it seems antiquated, and I feel like the filters are not durable.
--I am familiar with the electric motor due to having grown up with one. They only seem to last 1-1.5 years and last time we replaced it the cost was over $450; parts + labor.

Shooting from the hip...... Why could I not replace the Pentair filter with a mesh style irrigation filter? These are nicer quality, easy to clean, and (circumstantially) much cheaper replacement filters.

Is there something better we could be using in place of this electric motor? Hypothetically I'm imagining some kind of transfer pump. Is there a more efficient way to operate a pool this size?

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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