Spa Draining into Pool

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Spa Draining into Pool

Postby Umby » Wed 02 Jan, 2008 17:39

Hey Everyone,
I have a pool/spa where the spa is above the pool and has a "waterfall" into the pool under normal filter operation. But now when I shut off the filter pump, the spa will drain out through the spa jets (return lines?) and go into the pool either through the pool's return lines or the pool's skimmers, or the pool's main drain. There are two electric Jandy valves in the pool equipment area; one for the drain lines and one for the return lines. When I swing the valves around so that they block the drains on the pool (skimmers and main drain) and block the return to the pool, fountain (in spa) and the scuppers, I can stop the problem. I also have a multi-port valve that is usually in the "filter" position but I've also bypassed my DE filter by putting it in the "recirculate" position but this doesn't stop the draining - only swinging *both* Jandy valves does this. Any ideas on what might have failed???



Check valves

Postby Poolz » Wed 02 Jan, 2008 18:00

The check valve (or electric valve that you have) on the return line is faulty. Leave the multiport valve to "filter". Run the pump. Turn it off and shut the valve to the return line. Now put your ear to the pipe - can you hear the soft murmur of running water?

If you can hear it your valve needs attention. If not, please try to provide further details of when and how this problem started.

Spa Draining into Pool

Postby Umby » Wed 02 Jan, 2008 18:38

It's really weird; the way the *return* electric Jandy valve is setup is that it never *completely* closes off the return flow to the spa jets. It always seems to let some water go to the spa via the return. The valve does not completely close off the (i.e.; it's 10% open or maybe at a 10 degree angle with respect to the pipe, but not at a 0 degree angle). The drain electric valve *does* close off either side 100% when the switch is thrown. What's more, I can not seem to manually shut the spa return line off by forcing the Jandy valve shut. But it has always been this way so why now does it leak??? Should any water be allowed to *enter* return lines and go back in the piping and pumps? I also hav manual valves for much of the return lines and drain lines and these are all 100% open.
Also, around the very same time this draining problem occured, I noticed that the pressure in the DE filter decreased from 37 PSI down to below 30 PSI. I badly needed to backflush because the pressure number was rising and the return flow in the spa was dropping - the usual sign that my DE filter needed cleaning. But, all of sudden, the pressure number dropped significantly and the pressure of the jets increased rapidly in the spa - as if I had backflushed - but I hadn't. So that is when I isolated the DE filter from the system by setting the multi-port valve to "recirculate". But this didin't help.

spa drains into pool

Postby kev » Sun 04 May, 2008 10:33

I have the same problem, although my system is manuel. worked fine until a few days ago, my wife used the spa. the only problem she had she turned the hand valve on the return line the wrong way and broke the stop on it. after that the spa would drain into the pool. it stays full with the pump running. I replaced the handle but it still drains. would this system also use a check valve? If so where would I look for it? thaks...kev


Postby kev » Sun 04 May, 2008 11:12

ok ,I found the check valve on the small line that bypasses the main return jandy valve. I assume this line bypasses the valve so that while the system is running there is still a flow into the spa to circulate the water. I closed the valve on that line to see if the problem stops. If it does I think it must be the check valve. Does this sound right?

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