Are pool pump motor shaft bearings insulated?

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Are pool pump motor shaft bearings insulated?

Postby Ragtop » Mon 05 May, 2008 10:51

Hello All,

When replacing stator bearings on a pool pump motor, are the sealed bearings an insulated type to stop any shorts to the metal case?

I ask because I recently replaced both shaft bearings on a 48Y 1HP motor. Upon restart, the motor ran fine and quiet except after about 1-2 mins the motor began to feel hot and slight smoke was escaping the vents. I open the case again and noticed small areas of the windings at either end seemed to have heated up. The windings do not appear damaged or broken. I was wondering if a short was developed from not using insulated bearings. As a note, the motor was ran on 220V not hooked to a pump housing, ground wire on the GND screw near L1 and L2 and no bonding wire attached. Any thoughts?

Thank You Guys!

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