Major air coming into pool jets

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Mark P

Major air coming into pool jets

Postby Mark P » Fri 09 May, 2008 17:14

I have replace my pump with a 2 HP Maxi-E-Glas pump. Have sand filter and seem to hear air after the pump and before it goes into the sand filter. I do not see any air movement in the pump.. Mark

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Postby muss08 » Fri 09 May, 2008 21:39

How many HP was your old pump? If there is no air in the pump i doubt you have a leak in between the pump and the filter because all plumbing after the pump (more specifically after the impeller in the pump) is under pressure so any leaks would be pushing water out not sucking air in. Do you have an air bleeder valve on your sand filter? You can try opening that up to release any air. Are there any 90 or 45 degree plumbing sections in between the pump and filter? These pieces cause turbulence which you may be hearing.
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